Mariachi concert

This weekend I had the opportunity to perform with the UT Mariachi ensemble.  Although we have done several performances before, this one was different.  This concert was to be performed on the center of the floor at the Frank Erwin Center (other wise knows as “The Drum” or where the UT basketball team plays).  Now, it wasnt a concert setting or anything like that, as the floor was open to the event and the seats were empty, but it was pretty cool walking down the ramp to the floor and imagining all of the amazing artists who must have walked that ramp before.  We were carrying our instruments and taking the same path that legends had.  When I got to the court, I stopped, and looked up at all those seats.  I was trying to imagine what it would feel like to fill an arena of that size with fans wanting to hear my music.  The gig may have been small, and the audience limited, but the experience of playing in the middle of such a massive venue was amazing.  It inspired me to work harder, and do everything I can to reach my dreams.

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The reviews are in!!!

I just wanted to let my fans know what the industry is saying about my new album, “The Ride Home”:

“With his unique musical style which blends classic 70’s and 80’s singer/songwriter fare and 90’s R&B with a modern twist and a slick pop sense, he should have no problem breaking through to the mainstream.  It also helps that his thoughtful, soul baring lyrics are sincere and honest without settling for the usual fake-sounding pop music clichés.”

“Chris Diaz is a skilled songwriter and he pulls from classic songwriters of the past on “I Think Of You” with Beatles-esque melodies, an Elton John-like vocal, along with a Billy Joel-like command over the piano, while paying homage to these great artists without relying on pastiche or clichés.”

“As many musicians are these days, Chris Diaz is flying under the radar.  Given the chance though, his smooth and inviting voice and the memorable piano-led songwriting showcased on his new album The Ride Home should garner him the attention he deserves.”

–Justin Kreitzer

“What perhaps is most unique about Diaz’s release is his effortless ability to portray every emotion imaginable. Whether it’s heartache, the death of a loved one, or questioning life’s existence he makes it easy for most to relate.”

–Annie Reuter

“The music of Chris Diaz is infectious.”

–Gary Hill

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Music Happens…

Last night, I went out for a few drinks with a good friend of mine who is in town from Europe.  We went to Los Lupes in Duncanville, since another friend of ours would be performing his resident gig there.  I had never heard Carlos play with Glen before, but the two of them sounded really great.  They played a mixture of Tejano, Country and Pop tunes.  Towards the end of the show, one of our friends asked Carlos if I could play a song or two.  Carlos said of course, called me up, and handed me his guitar.  As I was putting the instrument on, I said into the mic, “Ive never played live guitar in front of people”.  It didnt matter.  I started off by playing the first verse and hook of “My Special Lady”.  Being in DFW, I immediately got a couple of recognitions.  I then played “Pride and Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughan.  They loved it.  Then again, Stevie Ray is always a pretty safe bet when playing anywhere in Texas.  I finished off with “I Saw Her Standing There” by The Beatles.  It was cool.  Everyone had a good time, and I had fun doing such an impromptu thing.  When I was leaving the restaurant, a group of people called me over to their table.  They told me that they really enjoyed me playing, and remembered me from back in the days.  After chatting for a while, I sold them a couple of CDs, and they were both anxious to hear it, and to let people know that I had some new music out there.  Its little moments like this where music happens in the coolest way without even planning it.  Good times, Great night.

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Live In Concert

Catch Pop/Rock/Indie artist and rising star Chris Diaz and his band as he unveils songs from his brand new album, The Ride Home, this Saturday, September 3, in the Big Room at The Prophet Bar, Dallas, TX.

Being compared to the songwriting style of The Beatles and Elton John with the performance delivery of Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars aren’t so bad, so it’s no wonder Chris’ new album is getting a lot of industry buzz lately. Don’t miss this exciting event and a chance to win an autographed CD from Chris Diaz.

We hope to see you there!

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