With his new album release, ‘The Ride Home’, singer, pianist and songwriter, Chris Diaz is receiving lots of industry buzz lately, comparing his music to the songwriting artistry of The Beatles and Elton John, with the musical lyricism of Jason Mraz and James Blunt and the performance delivery of Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, where he cultivated his songwriting, performing and production talents (and even had a brush with stardom and steady airplay on local radio), singer/songwriter Chris Diaz has taken on an honest approach to songwriting this time around, allowing him to delve deep into his heart and soul to create some of the most captivating music since the days when the Beatles, James Taylor and Elton John were king. 
’Nicole’, destined for Top 40 radio, is a testament to the ability Chris has to fill an innocent love song with extraordinary passion, while ‘Smile for the Camera’, ‘Would it Matter?’ and ‘Here on the Outside’ are songs that reflect Chris’ own battle for survival upon moving to the big city and shows how confident he is in baring his soul to tell a story to his listeners and fans or show his ability to see the world differently and offer an intelligent spin on issues around us. 
If the reactions from fans and industry folks alike prove anything, then there is little doubt that Chris Diaz has the talent and drive to accomplish great things as an independent musician, songwriter and producer in today’s competitive industry.

Born in Arlington, Texas, Chris Diaz spent the majority of his life in the Dallas/Ft. Worth. At an early age he discovered his love for music when introduced to the piano. When he was in middle school, he truly found his passion for singing when he began listening to the smooth R&B harmonies of such popular 90′s groups as Boyz II Men, Shai, Silk, and Jodeci. What started off as doo-wopping with friends in between classes developed into a love that he would dream of pursuing on a larger level. This dream would not be fulfilled until the fall of 1997 when he was introduced to ‘Tha Manipulator’, one of Dallas best known producers.

Upon their meeting, Chris began to work on his first single entitled ‘One For You’. The single was featured on the Laced Worldwide compilation and became a popular request on 89.3 KNON. Chris was hooked and wanted to immediately take on a larger project. He was intent on completing a full-length album, and the scheduled release was the winter of 2000.  The first single released, ‘Shake It Up’, was a highly requested song on 89.3, and became a popular cut from the album. The next record released truly launched Chris into new territory.

The song was entitled ‘My Special Lady’ (acoustically remade on his new album release, The Ride Home), and it took the Dallas/Ft. Worth airwaves by storm. It was immediately the number one requested song on local radio, and stayed on top of the KNON countdown for nearly 3 months. The release of the album, Every Story, was highly anticipated, as copies were moving so fast, many stores could not keep them in stock. Over 1,000 copies were moved through retail chains in less than 2 months, and Chris even managed to chart on the Soundscan Dallas/Ft. Worth DMA among major label releases, an accomplishment almost unheard of from local artists. With his unique blend of styles Chris was booking shows all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, performing in front of crowds of up to 10,000 people, and was even able to open for nationally known acts such as DJ Laz, South Park Mexican, and Lil Flip.

Chris would then take a chance on the big city and move to New York where he would land a job working for Sony Music Studios as a general assistant and later as a multimedia assistant for Putumayo World Music.  But a chance meeting with soon-to-be manager, Laurence Graber of Night Roads Entertainment Inc. would change his path forever.  Laurence discovered Chris and a song on Chris’ MySpace page called ‘Nicole’ and on a hunch that there was more depth to this young talent, contacted Chris, asking if he could write more songs like that.  Sure enough, Chris had many songs that showed off a true songwriting talent begging to emerge and played and sang them for Laurence.  After a little coaxing and confidence building that Chris needed to realize his long-time dream of accomplishing great things in the industry with his music, they would embark on a journey that would only touch the surface of Chris’ immense talent as a songwriter, performer and producer with an album release slated for the Fall of 2011 that is already being compared to the gifted songwriting of The Beatles, Elton John, Babyface and Billy Joel.

Expect to hear more in the coming months from the rising star, singer-songwriter, pianist and producer, Chris Diaz.

For booking and more info, contact management Night Roads Entertainment.

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