Its been a while…

The blog has suffered with all that has been going on, but now that Im in the writing mode, I felt like I could drop a few lines. Im in the writing mode as I am currently filling out applications to earn my PhD. This year I have decided to apply to schools in the UC system, and have directed my interests towards various departments, depending on the strength of each school. It can be tiring, but anything worth doing is not easy.

I havent been able to write too much as I am in my first year of teaching music and am still working on earning my HQ certification. Elementary music was not where I thought I would be, and the challenges I face on a daily basis take up a lot of my time and effort. Through it all, my band has suffered the most, and I appear to be headed back to being a solo act.

Disappointed? Yes. Disheartened? Absolutely not. New directions mean new beginnings, and I think the coffee house and lounge were better suited for me anyways. Be on the look out for upcoming gigs that should be completely family friendly :)

I hope I can tour this summer, and if not, I would like to record an unplugged, raw album featuring only my voice and a guitar or piano. If this happens, Ill be spending a week or two in NYC with my manager Larry Graber working with the amazing engineer/producer Anthony Paganini. At this point, I cant see myself working with anyone else. When you find a person you work well with, you dont make changes. Especially when it comes to recording engineers.

Although my efforts of late may not have all been directed at fortune and fame, I am always a musician working on new music. My time in the classroom is keeping me on my toes with my sight reading and singing skills, and keeping kindergartners entertained for one hour is way more demanding on any performer than a room full of music loving adults. By the end of this year, I will be ready for the most rigorous of routines. After all, I have been putting on 5 shows a day, every day for almost 5 months now ;)

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