The best band you didn’t see at SXSW

Okay, okay…I know that the title of this post is a little pretentions (especially considering the source), but I was really proud of how our band performed this year at the 13th Annual Heart of Texas Rockfest. We weren’t an official SXSW artist, but then again, I dont think that really matters. Most people in Austin that week dont care much for why you are playing where, but usually just like stumbling upon some free jams. As my family came down from DFW to support, there were also a lot of new fans in the audience, jamming along to what we were doing. I saw a lot of heads and feet bopping to the beat, and one really excited guy tried to get the lighters going in the air…it was just too windy. Our set went off without a hitch, and sounded pretty great considering we didn’t even get a sound check. I know we at least touched a few people, and we had a great time being a part of downtown Austin on St. Paddys Day.

After the show I met a really cool cat. He was a member of the 13:1 rock band out of Delaware who would be playing later that night, but he was also really enthusiastic about our set. He came and gave us so much positive feedback about our performance, and told us that we were the change of pace needed for the venue. I was worried we were a bit out of our element, but he made me realize that any music you put your heart into has a place in a rock festival. Although we didn’t stay late enough to see their show, I wish them well, and know that musicians with that kind of attitude are usually the most likely to succeed.

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