TMEA Conference in San Antonio

For the first time, this year, I attended the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX.  Being only an hour away in Austin made it somewhat of an inconvenient commute, but when I arrived, I knew that it was all worth it.  The best way I could describe the venders area would be as guitar center times 1,000.  Every single instrument, whether band, classical, or digital was there, and lots of new products that I had never seen.  I imagined that it would be something like NAMM, but with a focus on EVERY single thing musical possible.  So many different string producers, horn makers, and drums.  There were software programs designed to let marching band directors plan their marching plans on basketball courts and football fields.  There were automated vehicles for handicap musicians.  It was inspiring to see so many different things that could provide so many different ideas as an educator.  I also decided to sign up for TAME (Texas Association of Mariachi Educators).  I hope to have as much information as possible ready to go when I graduate, so that I may start a program wherever I land.  There were so many clinics that I couldnt even begin to try to see them all.  I sat in on a few, and went on looking at all of the products and technology available.  I got a lot of cool ideas that Im going to take with me, and no matter where I live, Im thinking this will be an annual trip for me from now on.

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