Back to work…

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, I find myself back in Austin, TX finishing up my final semester of my masters degree. It seems like only yesterday I was compiling all of my application materials, I cant believe that it is almost over.  School work and music work seem to never be finished, but then again, if you like what you do it really isnt that big of a deal.  Along with one more semester of school, I also have a lot of exciting things going on with my music.  My band and I will be performing this Saturday, January 28 at The Bone in Deep Ellum.  If you havent had a chance to see us live, you really should come out and hear some great musicians.  Also, as the year progresses, we are setting up a lot more concert events and even have something slated for SXSW here in a couple of months.  As the details come to me, I will definitely pass them along to you.  The winter break was nice and definitely helped me recharge, but now that it is over, I cant wait to get back on top of all my personal projects.

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