Mariachi concert

This weekend I had the opportunity to perform with the UT Mariachi ensemble.  Although we have done several performances before, this one was different.  This concert was to be performed on the center of the floor at the Frank Erwin Center (other wise knows as “The Drum” or where the UT basketball team plays).  Now, it wasnt a concert setting or anything like that, as the floor was open to the event and the seats were empty, but it was pretty cool walking down the ramp to the floor and imagining all of the amazing artists who must have walked that ramp before.  We were carrying our instruments and taking the same path that legends had.  When I got to the court, I stopped, and looked up at all those seats.  I was trying to imagine what it would feel like to fill an arena of that size with fans wanting to hear my music.  The gig may have been small, and the audience limited, but the experience of playing in the middle of such a massive venue was amazing.  It inspired me to work harder, and do everything I can to reach my dreams.

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